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YmpyräKS: Towards Sustainable and Circular Business

In recent years, the awareness of customers has increased, and simultaneously new opportunities for SMEs to make their business even more sustainable are available. Sustainability, circular economy, carbon neutrality, compensations, zero emissions – all these require business to critically evaluate

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Supporting Walloon local authorities in their work for Energy Transition

Local authorities play a key role in the energy transition and the fight against climate change, especially in the «post-covid» era. Because of their local nature and potential added value for all stakeholders in a territory, energy projects can no longer be dissociated from the policies of local

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Sustainable Communities Wales

Between 2018 and 2021, Severn Wye was the lead partner on the Sustainable Communities Wales programme, providing free resource efficiency advice and specialist support to community organisations across Wales.

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EKIOLA: Prosumer PV Cooperatives in the Basque Country

EKIOLA is a public-private initiative promoted by the Company KREAN and the Basque Energy Agency (EVE) that is leading the creation of prosumer power cooperatives in the Basque Country through agreements with municipalities and citizens.

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Heat pump in Zagreb’s upper town courtyard

Zagreb’s Upper Town is known for its narrow streets, tourist attractions and hidden courtyards of buildings built in the 19th century. Right next to the world’s shortest funicular (66 m), in the Upper Town, is a residential building built in 1850 with an apartment on the first floor that uses an air

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Reduced heating bills by using pellets

Until 2012, the family house of the Borovčak family was one of many in Hrvatsko Zagorje, which used natural gas as the main energy source for heating and preparation of domestic hot water.

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Oeste Sustentável: a Leader in Sustainable Energy Projects and Investments

Created in 2010 by 12 municipalities, the OesteSustentável – Agência Regional de Energia e Ambiente do Oeste (OST), has been representing a commitment towards sustainability for the Portuguese Oeste Region with a mission to actively contribute to the European and national goals within the energy

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Low-energy family house in Zagorje

The low-energy house of Brundula family in Hrvatsko Zagorje (Northern Croatia) was built in 2012 and uses renewable energy source systems – heat pumps and solar collectors for space heating and hot water preparation.

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Competitive through Sustainability 2030

“Competitive Through Sustainability 2030” (Konkurrenskraft 2030), an EU-funded project owned by the North Sweden Energy Agency, places the issues of energy, climate, and sustainability in the main focus of small companies in the region, targeting their core business and competitiveness.