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News blog5 June 20232 min read

Helping consumers in Castilla y León face the effects of the energy crisis

The regional energy agency of Castilla y León, EREN, has planned and enacted a host of measures in response to the ongoing energy crises. Find out how energy savings, RES, and efficiency measures are supporting Castillian consumers.

 Helping consumers in Castilla y León face the effects of the energy crisis
Image by Manuel Blasco Martinez from Pixabay

The Regional Government of Castilla y León, mainly through actions developed by EREN, the Regional Energy Agency, is very actively trying to help consumers in the Region face the effects of the energy crisis we are experiencing all around Europe.

First of all, EREN is running two subsidy programmes to help consumers in Castilla y León face the effects of the energy crisis, with more than €80M in aid from Next Generation EU addressed mainly to private individuals and companies:


EREN will develop an information campaign for the rational use of energy in the workplace, which will be disseminated to public employees by means of informative announcements and digital notifications or other appropriate means.

On a quarterly basis, a report on the monitoring of this Agreement shall be submitted to the Regional Government, drawn up by EREN, which shall contain a quantification of the consumption of electricity and gas and a comparison with the consumption recorded in the same period of the previous year. EREN shall be responsible for providing technical assistance to the different bodies of the administration within the scope of its powers.

In terms of speeding up the processing of renewable projects, the Regional Government published the Decree Law 2/2022, amended by Decree Law 4/2022, following the European Commission indications to facilitate and increase new renewable energy installations in operation.

Finally, EREN also developed an energy-savings press and radio campaign during two weeks in November 2022, with a budget of €0.15M:


Listen to the radio campaign here


Publication date
5 June 2023