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Life and the Climate Pact

The EU is striving to become climate-neutral by 2050. Involving people, communities and organisations is key to achieving this ambitious target, and in 2020, the EU launched the European Climate Pact to help make this happen.


Publication date
9 August 2022


The Climate Pact is a European Commission initiative to engage people in climate action and more sustainable behaviour. The LIFE Programme community has implemented a wide range of projects with a positive climate impact. These projects have showcased innovative technologies, raised citizen awareness, provided accurate information, and laid the foundations for a people-centred approach to climate action. The ‘LIFE and the Climate Pact: Awareness and Engagement for Lasting Climate Action’ platform meeting brought together LIFE project beneficiaries and climate action practitioners from across Europe to discuss their experience of engaging communities in climate action and to recommend approaches, actions, and good practices.


Author: CINEA - European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency

Life and the Climate Pact


10 MAY 2023
Life and the Climate Pact