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Leadership in Action: The Role of Local Leaders in Europe's Climate Journey

Discover how initiatives like ManagEnergy and REMARKABLE Climate Leaders are empowering individuals to lead the charge towards climate neutrality.


Implementing the European Green Deal and achieving Climate Neutrality across the EU will require substantial investments and projects at the local and regional level. Motivated leaders are essential to drive this transformation.

The ManagEnergy Initiative and REMARKABLE Climate Leaders project are dedicated to identifying and supporting these leaders. ManagEnergy empowers local and regional energy agencies in being leaders in the energy transition by providing information, know-how, visibility, and networking opportunities. Meanwhile, REMARKABLE Climate Leaders has built a Climate Leadership Programme for existing and emerging local climate leaders, enhancing their skills and capacities to achieve ambitious climate neutrality goals by 2050.

During this webinar, beneficiaries of both initiatives shared how they've been empowered to lead the energy transition on the ground.


Watch the recording:

ManagEnergy x Remarkable Climate Leaders webinar


23 MAY 2024
2024-05-21 Francisco Puente
23 MAY 2024
2024-05-21 Clare Lee
23 MAY 2024
2024-05-21 Sulev Alajoe