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Annual report

The Climate Action Progress Report

The 2023 State of the Energy Union report is now available. Get insights into the EU's progress toward climate and energy goals, along with its response to the unprecedented challenges the energy sector has faced, amidst Russia's invasion of Ukraine.


Publication date
16 November 2023


The 2023 State of the Energy Union report provides insights into the EU's progress toward climate and energy goals amidst challenges from Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Although key highlights include a steady decline in emissions, the report emphasizes the EU must intensify efforts to meet the 2030 -55% net greenhouse gas reduction target.

Despite a 3% decrease in emissions in 2022, increased carbon removal, and 76% ETS revenue allocation to climate projects, more action is needed. The report emphasizes the impact of the energy crisis on power generation, a 1.8% drop in EU ETS emissions, and a 3% reduction in emissions from buildings. Transport emissions rose by over 2%, requiring further decarbonization efforts. The EU Adaptation Strategy, however, demands accelerated action, with varying vulnerabilities across sectors. The Fuel Quality Report notes a 5.5% decrease in the greenhouse gas intensity of fuels since 2010, but challenges persist in decarbonizing the transport sector, responsible for 24% of the EU's GHG emissions. Thirteen Member States achieved the target of reducing GHG intensity in transport fuels by at least 6%. Fossil fuels still dominate the fuel supply, with diesel leading, while biofuels constitute 6.7%.

The report is divided in 7 chapters:

Chapter 1: Emission trends & progress in climate action

Chapter 2: The EU emissions trading system

Chapter 3: Effort sharing emissions

Chapter 4: Land use, land use change & forestry

Chapter 5: Resilience to climate change

Chapter 6: Aligning investments with climate neutrality

Chapter 7: International climate action

Added to that there is Technical information and a Report on the implementation of the EU strategy on adaptation to climate change, from the Comissions's Staff.

The report emphasizes the importance of implementing the Fit for 55 measures and highlights the need for increased investments in the clean energy transition as Member States work on updating their National Energy and Climate Plans to align with new 2030 targets. It underscores the need for ongoing efforts to enhance sustainability and achieve climate goals. 


European Comission


16 NOVEMBER 2023
European Cmossion
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