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Choices for a more Strategic Europe

The EU triple opportunity for energy security, reindustrialisation and competitiveness based on scenarios for 2040.


Publication date
19 July 2023


Implementing the European Green Deal has become the smartest economic and security choice. However, the current framework until 2030 doesn’t adequately address the magnitude of interconnected challenges the EU is facing: volatility of energy prices, industrial competition from the US and China as well as high import dependence on few fossil fuel exporters and China for key technologies.

The new report ‘Choices for a more Strategic Europe’ from Strategic Perspectives sets out sectoral transition pathways, related greenhouse gas emission reductions and policy recommendations that can inform EU policy making in the following years based on a ‘Visionary Scenario’ with a 90% net emissions reduction by 2040.

Choices for a more Strategic Europe


17 JULY 2023
Choices for a more Strategic Europe
(20.15 MB - PDF)