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Work shadowing

General Information

Work Shadowing Call 1


Through the Work Shadowing, energy agencies and public authorities interested in establishing an energy agency will be able to visit experienced agencies from different parts of Europe for 2 days to gain insights into their operation and structures.

The Work Shadowing complements the learnings of Expert Missions and Master Classes. Whereas Master Classes and Expert Missions put a stronger focus on financing and the related technical and regulatory aspects, the Work Shadowing Schemes are more centred on the internal organisation of agencies as well as modes of delivery of relevant projects and programmes. They focus on day-to-day activities, learning from each other and transferring good practices, innovative services and efficient ways of working.

Who can apply?

In addition to local and regional energy agencies, public authorities interested in establishing an energy agency will also be able to apply.

A minimum of 40 participants from across Europe will be selected.

Who are the hosts?

The hosts of the Work Shadowing visits are innovative energy agencies from different parts of Europe with different mandates and service portfolios.

How does it work?

Selected participants will be matched with a host agency depending on their needs and interests, but also on the structures and services of the hosts. Groups of 1-7 participants will visit their host agency for 2 days. The visits will be highly interactive and include features such as shadowing of key staff, site visits, interactive group work, presentations for the hosts, etc.

A 2-hour online preparatory meeting will be organised prior to the onsite event to develop a deeper understanding of interests and expected outcomes.

The delivery of the Work Shadowing visits will be supported by a Facilitator.

Participants will receive up to EUR 550 for covering travel and accommodation. 

1st Call open - apply by 11 January

The first Call for applications for the ManagEnergy is now open, with the first visits to be take place in 2024. There will be at least seven visits over the 2023-2026 period.

Currently, many agencies are very busy. They face an increased demand for their services, and need to deal with new topics and changing policy frameworks. However, participating in a Work Shadowing is time well-invested as it will support your organisation in your current needs and interests!  

Interested? Apply by 11 January!



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