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Master classes

General information

The Master Classes will engage up to 360 professionals, experts and staff from Energy Agencies and Regional and Local Authorities across Europe and equip them with the skills and knowledge to foster, stimulate and develop sustainable energy projects in Europe. Designed to build the capacity, expertise and knowledge of energy agency staff, these Master Classes also present opportunities for networking with peers.

The Master Classes will be delivered in a blended learning format.  A one and half-day face-to-face session in Brussels is supported with two half-day online sessions.  The interactive tuition and training will focus on topics such as market facilitation and project aggregation, development and use of financial instruments, energy communities, one-stop-shops and other related topics. The format of the classes includes problem-solving exercises, workshops, case studies and guest lectures from agencies and organisations relevant to energy investments, blending online and physical meetings. 

Financial support (up to a maximum of €550) is provided to participants for travel and accommodation costs.  Participants who complete the Master Classes will receive a Digital Badge attesting their participation.

Leading energy experts

The classes will be delivered by leading energy experts who have a broad range of knowledge and training experience on the addressed topics, including senior staff from local and regional energy agencies. 

Save the date for our first master class on energy communities

Dates for the 5th ManagEnergy Master Class are confirmed:

  • Topic: Energy Communities
  • Dates and location:
    • The first online session will take place on 20 September 2024 morning;
    • The second session is face-to-face in Brussels on 1-2 October 2024 (one and a half day);
    • The third and final session will be online on 16 October 2024 morning.

This Module will be given by OÖ Energiesparverband (Upper Austria regional energy agency).

Applications will open early June.

Classes overview

An overview of the dates and status of the 12 ManagEnergy Master Classes is available here below. The final dates, classes modules and registration information be updated regularly on this page. 





MASTER CLASS 1 4, 16-17 & 30/05/2023 Market Facilitation Done
MASTER CLASS 2 27/09, 10-11 & 27/10/2023 Financial Instruments Done
MASTER CLASS 3 31/01, 14-15/02 & 28/02/2024 One-Stop-Shops Done
MASTER CLASS 4 04/04, 17-18/04 & 30/04/2024 Financial Instruments Applications closed
MASTER CLASS 5 20/09, 01-02/10 & 16/10/2024 Energy Communities Confirmed
MASTER CLASS 6 Nov 2024 Financial Instruments TBC
MASTER CLASS 7 10/01, 22-23/01 & 06/02/2025 Energy Communities Confirmed
MASTER CLASS 8 02/04, 16-17/04 & 30/04/2025 One-Stop-Shops TBC
MASTER CLASS 9 13/05, 21-22/05 & 04/06/2025 Energy Communities TBC
MASTER CLASS 10 November 2025 One-Stop-Shops TBC
MASTER CLASS 11 March 2026 Market Facilitation TBC
MASTER CLASS 12 May 2026 Financial Instruments TBC

Discover our master classes in videos

ManagEnergy master classes in pictures

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