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Expert missions

The ManagEnergy Expert Missions are tailored to the needs and interests of the host agencies: energy communities, innovative finance, strategic development, communication… They provide in-depth onsite support, training and direct one-to-one coaching to local and regional energy agencies. Tell us what your priority is and we will help you realise your ambition!

How does it work?

The host agency is matched with a ManagEnergy Expert based on their area of expertise. Once the agenda is agreed, the expert visits the agency for up to 3 days of interactive work and customised support and training. The missions also include meetings with regional/local stakeholders selected by you in order to boost your impact within the region and create new opportunities. The expert gathers information about successful initiatives and projects developed by the host agency and shares them with the energy agency community and the European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency (CINEA).

The ManagEnergy initiative covers the costs for the expert. A total of 28 Expert Missions are planned up to March 2026. 

Call for applications

Open Calls will be published to receive applications from local and regional Energy Agencies who wish to host an Expert Mission. The first call has just closed. A second one should be released in 2024. Stay tuned!

Covered costs

The ManagEnergy initiative covers costs for the expert and the host agency is responsible for the meeting facilities and for selecting and inviting stakeholders. A total of 28 Expert Missions are planned up to March 2026.


The ManagEnergy Experts represent energy agencies senior staff, consultants in energy/finance fields, OSS operators, project development experts and knowledge leaders in the sustainable energy, finance and collective action sectors. They represent a comprehensive range of knowledge, expertise in addition to the wide geographical spread. They have extensive experience in providing in-depth trainings and coaching services.