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News article2 November 20181 min read

Watch the video summary of Master Class 3

The video of the third Master Class is out! Watch it to see how this first Master Class on Module 2 unfolded, and what participants have to say about it.

Watch the video summary of Master Class 3

From the 19th to the 21st September 2018, a group of 23 energy agencies staff gathered in Brussels for the 3rd ManagEnergy Master Class, which was also the 1st Master Class on Module 2 - Involving banks and mobilising private investment.

For the occasion, Dr Ursula Walther from the Berlin School of Economics made the trip to Brussels and conducted part of the training, together with Seamus Hoyne (Limerick Insitute of Technology) and Christoph Sappa (Berlin Energy Agency). "I want to teach participants a kind of intuitive understanding of important financial ideas which will enable them to communicate on a good level with banks and other financial specialists", Dr Wather said.

This Module goes further in banking and financing concepts than Module 1. The main differences are summarised by trainee Javier Ordonez from AGENEX, Spain: "In Module 1, we learnt how to analyse specific projects from the technical and economic point of view. And in module 2, we have learnt how the financial institutions think, what is their vocabulary, and how to transfer this economic and technical data into their language."

For Adina Dumitru from the Energy Agency of Maramures, returning to Brussels for the second Module after attending Module 1 was a very positive experience. "Module 2 builds on Module 1, but it is more concrete, more specific. I already see that all the things I am learning here will help me a lot in my work in Romania". Other participants seemed to have a similar point of view. Indeed, although the class was challenging, the financial knowledge acquired will serve all participants in their respective countries for their future projects.

The next Master Class will take place from 29 to 31 January 2019 and will be the last training session on Module 1 – Market Facilitation and Project Aggregation. Click here to apply.



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2 November 2018