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Smart retrofitting cut energy consumption by 50% [SE]

Smart retrofitting cut energy consumption by 50% [SE]

To move a community towards a sustainable and affordable climate friendly future, a holistic approach is vital. Integrated climate planning in the cities of Växjö and Aarhus enabled the implementation of smart city solutions. The READY project demonstrates a wide variety of combined measures; district heating and cooling, building retrofitting, chargers for electric vehicles, renewable energy installations, energy storage and balancing as well as green business solutions.

Measures for lower energy consumption in buildings

The READY project in Växjö demonstrates that the heat loss of buildings can be significantly reduced with retrofitting by changing the windows, reinsulating and adding heat recovery to ventilation and waste water. Together with visualization in each apartment of electricity, cold and hot water consumption, the smart metering data can make consumers more aware of the effect of their behaviour on the consumption and can be used for automatic regulation of heat consumption. Smart metering data also makes it possible to monitor the state of the low temperature district heating network that has been implemented in Växjö.

Over 20 partners from public bodies, consultants and businesses

The READY project (2014-2019) was launched under the FP7 Programme, now administered by Horizon 2020, as a Lighthouse project. The consortium consists of more than 20 partners from Sweden, Denmark, Lithuania, France and Austria.



CONTACT: infoatenergikontorsydost [dot] se (info[at]energikontorsydost[dot]se)


Photo credit: The residential area Alabaster in Växjö, Sweden, where retrofitting cut energy consumption by half. © Johanna Wallin, Energikontor Sydost


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19 April 2023