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News blog18 April 20231 min read

Rapid deployment laboratory for atmospheric control [ES]

 Rapid deployment laboratory for atmospheric control [ES]

Valladolid city council launched a new atmospheric control center called Rapid Deployment because, if required, it can be moved to any urban location.
This laboratory has the highest capabilities in terms of atmospheric research. Its immediate mission will be to carry out measurements in urban areas, which, not being covered by fixed stations of the control network, need temporary campaigns that indicate the presence of harmful elements. Furthermore, if necessary, the laboratory can be used remotely in emergency situations that occur as a result of environmental incidents.

Any industrial emission of traffic, carries with it a certain level of risk to the health of people. For this reason regulatory standards and control networks have been set up in many cities in the Castile and León region. It is also the responsibility of the authorities to intervene and carry out regular tests to ensure that the quality of air all citizens breathe is maintained at an optimum level.

The Laboratory allows to efficiently investigate almost all of the pollutants known today. Using state-of-the-art technology, it guarantees the accuracy and precision of the data obtained by the network through quality assurance systems.

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18 April 2023