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News article16 July 20191 min read

PAYS S.U.D. Agency hosts the first ManagEnergy Expert Mission in France

At the begining of July, the Expert Mission took place in Serre-Ponçon Ubaye Durance territory with the support of AURA-EE.

PAYS S.U.D. Agency hosts the first ManagEnergy Expert Mission in France

Pays S.U.D hosted a ManagEnergy expert mission on July 9-11 with the participation of AURA-EE. Both structures discussed extensively about advanced financial instruments to support the energy transition in rural territories.  Examples and recommendations for implementing and mobilizing Energy Saving Certificates, Energy Performance Contracts, ERDF regional OP, EU funded support programmes were shared and discussed among participants at this occasion. Both structures had the opportunity to share their sustainable energy strategies and plans. Pays S.U.D energy transition was started few years ago thanks to the TEPOS programme and will require further impulse and support from the local public authorities. « After few years of energy transition, this expert mission was a golden opportunity for analysing possibilities to finance new energy activities » as indicated by Coralie Seweryn, Manager of Pays S.U.D.

During the 3 day mission, several meetings were held with local energy stakeholders (Syndicats d’énergie et de déchets), local policy and decision makers (Inter-municipalities CCSP, CCVUSP) to discuss the energy transition in their territories, the services and support of Pays S.U.D and advanced financial instruments. AURA-EE also shared its experience in supporting Saint-Julien en Quint where self-consumption is being experimented in rural areas. « Feedback of AURA-EE previous project was particularly interesting for decision makers, we will be organising an on-site visit in the coming months » (Coralie Seweryn, Pays S.U.D.).

« This expert mission was a great occasion to focus on the energy transition in rural and mountain territories. These territories have many assets to help achieve the energy transition and carbon neutrality objectives. They need local coordination and support from structures such as Pays S.U.D to help mobilize energy transition planning and financing tools. » as indicated by Patrick Biard, AURA-EE.


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16 July 2019