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News blog8 May 20231 min read

New single-family home, Asturias

New single-family home, Asturias

A new built single-family home has chosen for the heating system an ÖkoFEN pellet boiler which uses condensation technology with 14 kW of thermal power. The condensation system was chosen because the main use will be underground flooring heating and its most efficient when it works at low temperatures, reaching a performance of more than 107%. The household has a superficial area of 210 m2 distributed over two floors and a garage. For the two floors, the heating system was divided so the owners can program different time schedules and temperatures in the bedroom zone and the rest of the house. The owners did not want to depend on electricity for heating and since it is located in a cold and humid zone, they chose to install a pellet boiler. The fuel can be obtained from local sources and friends had talked to them about how great the biomass boilers work. The installation was fast and there were no apparent problems. Another thing the users love is that they emit little CO2, not even reaching 3 tons per year. Additionally, the installation of this system was financially aided by local subsidies from the region of Asturias.

New heating system in use Biomass pellet
Previous replaced heating system Nothing, new construction
Building type Residential
Useful energy demand (kWh/m2a) – Before and after building shell renovation After: 65 kWh/m2a
Installed capacity (kWth) – Before and after After: 14 kW
Input energy – Before and after 13,975 kWh
Initial investment (purchase and installation) 15,000
Yearly CO2 emission reductions (only heating system replacement) 12 t CO2

This best practice is issued from the activities of Work Package 4 “Preparation of instruments for replacement campaigns” of the REPLACE project. Read it now to discover many more best practices illustrating the benefits of innovative low-carbon and renewable heating and cooling systems.


Publication date
8 May 2023