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News blog18 April 20231 min read

New activities to make Liguria’s cities smarter – IRE Liguria [IT]

New activities to make Liguria’s cities smarter – IRE Liguria [IT]

Over the past year, the Government of the Liguria Region and IRE have launched new initiatives to help cities in Liguria with their transition to smart cities. IRE’s expertise is based on its participation to variousb EU projects focusing on the topic of smart cities: both past ones (FP7 “Transform” on city integrated planning) and current projects such as the ongoing H2020 SCC “UNALAB” and Climate-KIC “SUSHI”.

UNALAB is currently in its second year and aims at demonstrating innovative nature-based solutions (NBS) for water management in Eindhoven, Genova and Tampere. IRE is the technical partner supporting the roll-out of innovative NBS in the city of Genova, in the densely-built and highly populated district of Lagaccio.The SUSHI project focuses instead on making the historic districts of six Mediterranean cities (Lisbon, Valletta, Nicosia, Ptuj, Sassari, Savona) smarter and more sustainable, inclusive and climate resilient, through innovative integrated solutions and social change. IRE is beneficiary of the project, with the aim of supporting the city of Savona in the planning and development of a smart historic district.

Thanks to IRE’s experience and support, the Liguria Region is currently promoting a number of activities aimed at helping Ligurian cities to become smarter. Among others, it is developing a simple, place-based set of Smart City Guidelines to help local Municipalities in the identification of new solutions to be implemented in districts, also providing information on funding opportunities at EU level. It is also currently carrying out a poll in order to obtain a detailed mapping of local stakeholders with their specific know-how as well as technologies and services to be involved in the smart city process.


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Publication date
18 April 2023