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News blog8 June 20231 min read

Making it easier to buy an electric car: the electric car guide

To promote electric cars ownership in Sweden, the Örebro County Energy Agency has set up an easy guide that answers the most common questions regarding EVs.

Making it easier to buy an electric car: the electric car guide
Chuttersnap via Unsplash

The electrification of passenger cars has increased dramatically but electric cars still only account for 8% of all passenger vehicles in Sweden. In dialogue with the public, it emerged that the threshold for switching to an electric car is thought to be very high – in other words, an uneasy choice for consumers. For that reason, the EU project “Fossilfritt 2030- fordon och drivmedel” (Fossil-free 2030 – vehicles and fuels) produced a guide that answers the most frequently asked questions about electric cars.

The guide is a mix between stated facts about the electric car, and reports about how electric car owners perceive their lives as users of an electric car. Facts about the electric car are often considered long and incomprehensible; this guide is concise, with short and simple factual paragraphs containing keywords for easy further research.

Through forums with electric car owners on Facebook, 450 electric car drivers answered a survey about their opinions. The drivers were asked how life with the electric car works in practice and answering questions that recur across various online forums. In addition, the respondents described their experiences with vehicular range, charging, and if the electric car meets their needs both as far as everyday life and during long travels.

“When asked: “What is the best thing about the electric car?”, the top four answers revealed that it is cheaper, more environmentally friendly, easier to charge electronically than refuelling, and that the car is quieter,” says Hanna Piscator, responsible for producing the guide.

To answer additional common questions from internet forums, the guide contains information about the sustainability of electric cars and batteries. Information about the future of electric cars compared to cars with internal combustion engines, as well as information about safety and charging at different power levels were also included.

“Charging times and tips on how to plan a trip when you need to recharge are also presented in the guide. And, two-thirds of the participants in the questionnaire answered that charging works ‘very well’ in everyday life,” says Hanna Piscator. The guide was developed for use as part of the project but has been distributed to energy and climate advisors across Sweden.


Publication date
8 June 2023