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News blog17 April 20231 min read

Generating green electricity in South East Sweden [SE]

Generating green electricity in South East Sweden [SE]

Nearly all district heating is biomass-based in Sweden. However, not all plants generate both heat and power. Today, there are around 300 district heating plants (<10 MWheat) that only produce heat. With new technology for small-scale combined heat and power (CHP), the bio-based electricity generation could increase by 2-9 TWh (2-7 % of total electricity demand in Sweden).

Three techniques are available for the demonstration of bio-based small-scale CHP generation. The new technologies have a potential for increasing the total production of green electricity from biomass with 2-7% for all of Sweden. One of the promising technology for small-scale CHP is an organic rankine cycle (ORC) technology, which uses a closed turbine system with an organic medium with a boiling point below water.

The electricity is generated by using hot water from the boiler and cold return water. This technology is demonstrated at Ronneby municipality in southeast Sweden. The demonstration is performed within the EU project Life+ Small Scale CHP from Biomass (2014-2019). A gasifier at a dairy and a wet steam technology at a district heating plant are also part of the project

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17 April 2023