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Energy transformation of kindergarten using Public Procurement of Innovation

 Energy transformation of kindergarten using Public Procurement of Innovation

The Regional Energy Agency North and the city of Koprivnica carried out the first Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI) in Croatia to fully transform a 35-year-old kindergarten building, at the time considered to be at the end of its lifetime. The main idea was to avoid the demolition of the building and construction of a new one, which would trigger substantial costs. This is why the PPI process was chosen in order to procure an innovative solution which has not yet been available on the market and could result in a better way to meet the needs, enhance the building and extend its lifetime.

The competitive dialogue with negotiation was selected as the most suitable for these requirements and the Design&Build approach was selected in order to carry out the project design and works in less than 120 days. Non-financial award criteria represented 50 % to encourage the suppliers to compete with effective, long(er) lasting and innovative solutions.

The project delivered an innovative and replicable solution for external, internal, energy-efficient and functional transformation which was then implemented on the building. The innovation came from the combination of existing materials and basic techniques not previously offered or used in the market, such as thicker-than-possible thermal protection due to the reinforcing of exterior walls, and the complete replacement of all inadequate water supply installation without major invasive works (attic structure).

Works were financed from various sources, the most important being the Prominent MED project (Interreg Mediterranean), ERDF and the city of Koprivnica. The refurbishment improved the kindergarten with an extended lifetime of 25+ more years for the cost of less than €500,00 per m2 , which is less than half of the cost of a new building (not calculating the roof). The solution also resulted with 61% savings on heating energy, 66% savings on primary energy and 66 % less CO2 emissions, all per year. Additionally, by using such innovative approach the whole building was diverted from the landfill with a net area of 820 m2 , thus strongly contributing to general sustainability goals in the region.

This project received two distinctions, both on national and EU level: the Croatian national annual Award in the category "Building of the Year 2019 - Reconstruction" by the Croatian Green Building Council and the Procura+ Award 2020 in the category "Innovation Procurement of the Year".



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Publication date
3 May 2023