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News blog17 April 20231 min read

Energy Sustainability in the Basque Public Sector [ES]

Energy Sustainability in the Basque Public Sector [ES]

In September 2015, the Basque Government approved the Decree 178/2015 on energy sustainability in the public sector of the Basque Country, that regulates energy saving, energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy in the buildings of the government, regional bodies and other organisations answerable to the regional government. In other words, this decree sets up a policy package to develop energy efficiency actions and to enhance the use of renewable energy in buildings owned by the Basque Administration, as well as in their public housing stock.

The decree sets out the following commitments:

  • The public sector must act as a role model in matters of savings and efficiency in buildings;
  • The public sector must reduce energy consumption in its buildings, installations and fleets by 12% in 2020 and 25% in 2025, as compared to 2015.
  • The public sector must ensure that 32% of its buildings in 2020 and 40% in 2025 use renewable energy.

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Publication date
17 April 2023