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Energy Contracting Model: public building renovation [SI]

Energy Contracting Model: public building renovation [SI]

In 2018, Energap (Energy Agency of Podravje, institution for sustainable energy use) in cooperation with the Municipality of Maribor, has devoted much attention to preparing all the necessary documents for the project “Energy rehabilitation of 24 public buildings in the City of Maribor using the Energy Contracting model”. The project has been prepared and implemented in accordance with the provisions of the Energy Rehabilitation Program for Public Buildings of the Ministry of Infrastructure and includes a Cohesion fund from the financial perspective 2014-2020. In May 2018, the project was successfully presented and accepted by the City Council of the Municipality of Maribor. In October 2018, an agreement with a private partner was signed. The field work will start in February 2019.

The Energy rehabilitation includes primary schools, kindergartens, an administrative building of the Municipality of Maribor, an Ice Skating Hall as well as a Sports Hall. The main purpose of the investment project is the implementation of the necessary measures for the comprehensive energy refurbishment of these buildings. Furthermore, it aims to establish efficient Energy Management with the purpose of functional improvement and increasing energy efficiency, reducing energy costs and maintenance, the management of buildings and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and dust particles.

Within the framework of the project, the boiler houses and indoor lighting will be energetically improved and energy management will be established. In some buildings, the building envelopes and building furniture will be renovated, attic and thermostatic valves will be installed and some specific measures will be carried out according to specific requirements of the building. The main objective, of implementing this project are: reducing energy consumption by 4.978 MWh per year, lowering energy costs by 356.600 EUR per year, reducing current maintenance costs by 115.480 EUR per year and cutting CO2 emissions by 1.157 tonnes per year.


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18 April 2023