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News blog20 April 20232 min read

EAZK: Thermal renovation and installation of air recuperation in Secondary medical school Kroměříž

EAZK: Thermal renovation and installation of air recuperation in Secondary medical school Kroměříž

As part of the EU project BOOSTE-CE, the Energy Agency of the Zlín Region aims to achieve a long-lasting positive impact on Energy Efficiency in public buildings through its activities in promoting energy efficiency, smart metering and energy management. In order to achieve such goal, the partnership created the OnePlace web platform, where the project results and outcomes are collected and presented to experts and to the general public in a clear and illustrative way.

It has supported several projects in their application and implementation of energy efficient improvements, many of which were approved and funded under the National Operational Programme Environment 2014-2020, including the project on Thermal renovation and installation of air recuperation in the secondary medical School Kroměříž.

The project

The goal of this project was to improve heat insulation and to install air recuperation in the whole school to reduce heating demand, and therefore, using energy more efficiently. To achieve this, the project focused on the thermal reconstruction of the building envelope: improving the outer walls by 14 cm of EPS with λ= 0,039 W/(mK) and insulating the roof with 300 mm mineral wool with λ= 0,037 W/(mK). Furthermore, the existing windows were replaced by new plastic windows with a U-value of 0,9 W/(m²K) and the doors were improved with U = 1,2 W/m²K.

One of the most important parts of the project was upgrading the streetlight to LED technology, which means reducing energy consumption by 42 GJ per year. Additionally, because of the inadequate indoor environment, air recuperation for the whole school was projected with the overall power of 35 900 m3/h. Nowadays, the heating demand of the building is 102 kWh/(m2.a), which means A-class for this type of building.

The total investment value of the project is 2 373 680 €, and it was co-financed by the Operational Programme Environment of the Czech Republic with subsidy € 703 900; and by Zlín region.


  • The main project implementation benefits are an overall reconstruction of the school significantly reduced consumption of the natural gas and improved the indoor environment as well as the outer design of the building.
  • The reduction of energy consumption and operational costs has a positive effect on a sustainable operation of the school for the next 40 years.
  • Mechanical ventilation is necessary for suitable indoor clime. A visible benefit is also a comfortable place for teachers and students.

Furthermore, the Energy Agency of the Zlín Region is continuously monitoring the consumption of the natural gas, electricity and water consumption of the buildings related to this project.


Publication date
20 April 2023