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News blog8 May 20232 min read

Duplex with a hydro-stove heating system

 Duplex with a hydro-stove heating system

The heating system in this renovated duplex uses a small hydro-stove that works with pellets. The system provides the house with 14 kW of space heating power and it has a 200-l. storage double coil tank for domestic hot water that works combined with two solar thermal panels. Distribution is through aluminium radiators regulated by 3 thermostats, placed all around the house and connected with 3 solenoid valves that monitor the circuits. The surface area of the house is about 130 m2 counting both floors. The home has 4 inhabitants, two parents and two kids. The hydro-stove is placed in the living room, so the living room´s radiators are never used. The boiler makes a little noise because of the 9 years of use, but it is tolerable, and the heat is comfortable. The family decided to invest in biomass for environmental reasons and heating comfort. They were indecisive between a wood biomass model or the hydro-stove with pellets, but the latter was more economical. The users opted for this type of heating system because they wanted a boiler that did not pollute too much and it is automatic, so they can work away from home.

The installation process was initially frustrating because the machine was giving an error with the smoke exhaust and the installers could not figure out how to fix it. In the end, it was just a cloth stuck in the exhaust, on top of the chimney that was forgotten after trying it out at the fabric. After that, they experienced no more issues. On the other side, the benefits are many, the system is comfortable, automatic, it heats up the house more than enough, the fuel is more environmentally friendly, they use pellets from areas close to them that help the community keep their jobs and keep the pine groves cleaner. They think the fuel is definitely economical in every aspect, although they did not benefit from any subsidy or financial help.

New heating system in use Hydro-stove
Previous replaced heating system Diesel boiler
Building type Residential duplex
Useful energy demand (kWh/m2a) – Before and after building shell renovation Before: 100 kWh/m2a
After: 88.51 kWh/m2a
Installed capacity (kWth) – Before and after Before: 20 kW
After: 14 kW
Initial investment (purchase and installation) 4750 € with the solar panels
Yearly savings on the energy bill (compared to previous system) 335 €
Yearly energy savings (compared to previous system) 2300 kWh
Yearly CO2 emission reductions (only heating system replacement) 2863 kg CO2

This best practice is issued from the activities of Work Package 4 “Preparation of instruments for replacement campaigns” of the REPLACE project. Read it now to discover many more best practices illustrating the benefits of innovative low-carbon and renewable heating and cooling systems.


Publication date
8 May 2023