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News blog17 April 20231 min read

Distributed Lighting Management System in Rome [IT]

 Distributed Lighting Management System in Rome

The Energy Agency of the Province of Mantua, AGIRE, is acting as partner of the Life-DIADEME project, co-financed by the EU Life Programme and coordinated by Reverberi Enetec, a pioneer company experienced in smart lighting through innovative energy saving solutions.

Diademe aims at establishing a smart and cost-efficient public lighting management system that substantially reduces energy consumption, CO2 emissions and maintenance costs by 30% compared to actual dimming systems.

A new “Adaptive Street Lighting” concept, introduced by latest edition of CEN-13201, will be installed, tested and validated over 1.000 new lighting points in the Municipality of Rome, within “EUR” business and residential district.

Installation is providing innovative sensors modulating public lighting levels, based on both detection and monitoring of noise, traffic and air pollution, ready to evolve in future seamless smart city scenarios.

Project outcomes are generating a significant socio-economic and environmental impact locally, while increasing EU and global level dissemination. Diademe is also contributing to an update of Climate Mitigation and Adaptation policies following stricter emissions limits.

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17 April 2023