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News article28 February 20241 min read

Citizens’ Engagement Platform: Your space to participate in EU policymaking

The Commission has launched a new 'Citizens’ Engagement Platform', for people to share their views, experiences and ideas on topical issues related to EU policies. 

Citizens’ Engagement Platform

What is the Citizens’ Engagement Platform?

This is a dedicated space to engage and debate on EU policies that affect everyone. Citizens' feedback is a vital part of policymaking process. Thanks to real-time translation, every EU citizen can participate in any of the EU's 24 official languages, and engage with fellow citizens, building Europe together!

European Citizens' Panels

A key objective of the European Commission is the stronger citizen participation in its democratic processes and policies. In this vein, the Commission has established European Citizens’ Panels as a regular feature of democratic life in the EU.

Each Citizens’ Panel brings together 150 randomly selected citizens from all 27 EU Member States, reflecting Europe's diversity and young generations. The Panels make recommendations on key policies that affect everyone.

Stay tuned for latest developments on current and future Panels.

How can people participate?

You can participate by posting contributions or by commenting or endorsing contributions from others. You can contribute in any of the 24 official EU languages. You have to sign-in using EU-Login. Please refer to the EU-login page to create an account.

When you are signed in, you can add your own contribution by clicking on the "New contribution +" button. You indicate the title and content of your contribution, in a maximum of 150 and 1500 characters respectively. 

You can also comment on a contribution or “endorse” it. An ‘endorsement’ can be considered similar to ‘liking’ a post on other forms of social media.  

Participation rules and data protection

Your contributions are instantly published, therefore you have to respect the Rules of Participation.

We are fully committed to protecting your personal data. See how.

Have your say on the platform here.


Publication date
28 February 2024