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News blog19 April 20232 min read

AREC Île-de-France: Support to the implementation of the new regional energy and climate strategy [FR]

 AREC Île-de-France: Support to the implementation of the new regional energy and climate strategy [fr]

In 2019, the Île-de-France region set new climate and energy goals: by 2050, it should have 100% of its energy consumption covered by renewable energy sources, with a particular emphasis on:

  • Solar energy: 10 million euros investment from 2020 to double the solar park in the Paris region within 2 years and bring solar energy to 1 million citizens,
  • The biogas sector: 23.7 million euros already spent on 28 biogas plants,
  • Hydrogen: an «Île-de-France Territory Hydrogen» charter has been signed with stakeholders of the field to improve the mobility of Ile-de-France citizens, the air quality and to preserve the climate.

In relation to solar energy, AREC Île-de-France makes an active contribution to the development of the regional policy. It builds with other actors the solar atlas, a digital tool able to simulate solar production and produce solar radiation maps backed up by an advice service. It also supports the region in the management of calls for proposals. This should allow to double the solar park by 2021 and raise the regional energy production to 16% of renewable energy (RES) production. AREC brings its expertise to the region for the biomass regional plan by participating in calls for proposals dedicated to biogas plants. Currently, in Ile-de-France, there are 25 running biogas plants, while 50 more are in the pipeline. The objective is to produce 5 TWh/y in 2030.

AREC is also in charge of the future digital platform on this issue and of the management of the stakeholders’ network. The objective is that biogas should represent 14% of RES regional production. In addition, the Region aims to develop hydrogen as a solution for clean mobility, alongside electricity and bioGNV. Therefore, AREC will offer workshops for professionals and capacity-building activities for local authorities. It will also support the dissemination of information at the regional level through site visits and publications. Last but not least, AREC will continue its support to deep geothermal energy – the first RES of the region – to match the regional ambition to multiply by 3,5 the heat production from district heating running on heat recovered from geothermal water.

NB: The year 2019 marked the rebranding of the regional energy agency of Île-de-France from IAU to AREC. This new structure, which is also the new energy and climate division of L’Institut Paris Region, was broadened in scope since it now covers various work areas such as energy and climate, but also biodiversity and waste.


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19 April 2023