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News blog19 April 20231 min read

AGIRE: Small Demonstration Site - First Adaptive Lighting Test

 AGIRE: Small Demonstration Site - First Adaptive Lighting Test

At the end of 2018, 112 lights were equipped with Diademe technology for smart lighting in ROME, EUR district. These devices are collecting data about luminance, traffic flow, air quality, noise level, temperature, pressure and pole inclination, providing adaptive lighting to the streets involved in the project. A 15 days Testing, along Via dell’Aeronautica, was accomplished to evaluate how adaptive lighting system performs in urban environment and particularly to demonstrate that adaptive system is able to regulate lighting level on the base of real-time traffic detection and luminance level.

Adaptive lighting data were compared with two different conditions: full light and pre-programmed cycle regulation. Full light is the standard regulation for ROMA EUR lighting fixture. Furthermore, street lights were regulated measuring real-time luminance and traffic flow, providing however correct luminance level as prescribed by UNI 11248. The conclusion of the Test was very encouraging. Energy saving through the Adaptive Lighting System, if compared with the pre-regulated cycle, was higher than the project target: 53% instead of 30%, while the performance was 66% if compared with full light driving, the current standard for ROMA EUR lighting plants.

In August 2019, about 70% of the 1.000 total lighting points have been equipped with the Life-Diademe System, as foreseen by the project targets and, very soon, they will be able to provide unexpected results. The technical improvements during the implementation phase and a reduction in size and costs, combined with the advantages in terms of energy savings and emissions reduction gained, allow to be particularly optimistic concerning the Life-DIADEME System and to suppose favourably a good and widespread of the system once the project will be completed.


Publication date
19 April 2023