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News article26 September 2023European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency2 min read

Accelerating Europe's Electric Mobility Revolution: 10 Projects Leading the Charge

The EU has made its intentions clear: decarbonizing transportation is pivotal to achieving its climate goals. In this electrifying journey, electric vehicles (EVs) are poised to revolutionize the way we move, and Europe is poised to lead the charge. 

© European Union, 2023
© European Union, 2023

A Green Vision for Europe 

Europe is forging ahead in its pursuit of a sustainable, low-carbon future. The European Union (EU) has set its sights on a greener, low-carbon economy, with the decarbonization of transportation as a top priority. The EU's Green Deal emphasizes the need for transport to become "drastically less polluting," and this translates into a goal of achieving a remarkable 90% reduction in emissions by 2050 compared to current levels. To put this in context, it's a resolute commitment to creating a future where transportation is significantly cleaner and more sustainable. 


The Rise of Electric Vehicles: Tackling Barriers to EV Adoption  

At the heart of this ambitious transformation lies the electrification of the transport sector. In 2022, Europe witnessed a surge in EV sales, a clear sign that Europeans are embracing the transition to a climate-neutral society through vehicle electrification. However, several roadblocks stand in the way of widespread EV adoption.  

To address these challenges head-on, the EU has invested in ten innovative projects funded by the Horizon 2020 research and innovation program. These projects collectively aim to pave the way for Europe's green mobility targets. Here's an overview of some key areas these projects focus on: 

1. Enhancing Battery Performance: One of the most critical aspects of EVs is the battery. Projects like DEFACTO are committed to reducing the cost of battery packs by improving energy density and streamlining manufacturing processes. 

2. Innovating Battery Technology: SAFELiMOVE is dedicated to designing innovative batteries that enhance EV performance and secure Europe's position in the EV battery supply chain. MODALIS2 develops modeling toolchains that assess the effects of new materials in creating next-generation Li-ion battery cells. 

3. Cobalt-Free Battery Technology: COBRA has been pioneering cobalt-free Li-ion battery technology, addressing performance, cost, and environmental concerns. 

4. Improving EV Components: Projects like FITGEN work on developing and prototyping new components, systems, and architectures to enhance EV performance and user experience. 

5. Urban Mobility Innovations: URBANIZED introduces innovations in urban logistics, with a focus on powertrains, cargo bodies, and fleet management solutions, making EVs more efficient in city environments.  

6. Charging Technology: INCIT-EV is dedicated to developing new charging technologies based on user preferences, making EV charging more convenient and accessible. 

7. Safety and Connectivity: Projects like UPSCALE and Multi-Moby are at the forefront of enhancing safety through AI software and cloud data connectivity. 


Driving change  

Collectively, these projects are illuminating Europe's path toward sustainable and eco-friendly transportation. They are addressing the barriers to EV adoption, including battery performance, affordability, and charging infrastructure. Europe's steadfast commitment to overcoming these obstacles promises a cleaner, more sustainable future with reduced emissions and cleaner air for all. 


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