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Horizon Europe strategic plan 2025-2027


Publication date
8 April 2024
European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency


The Horizon Europe strategic plan for 2025-2027 sets out the strategic orientations for the final years of the EU’s largest research and innovation (R&I) programme to date – Horizon Europe.

The strategic plan aims to facilitate the implementation of Horizon Europe, serving as an interface between the overarching EU policy priorities and the Horizon Europe R&I activities set out in the Horizon Europe work programmes. It provides planning stability for the research community beyond the custom 2-year period of Horizon Europe work programmes. At the same time, it provides a certain degree of flexibility to respond to unforeseen challenges.

Through the strategic plan, investment in R&I is directed towards tackling key global challenges such as: climate change; pollution; the loss of biodiversity; the digital transition; an ageing population; and building a more resilient, competitive, democratic and inclusive Europe.

The analytical foundation of the document is set out in a comprehensive strategic plan analysis conducted by the Commission. This analysis covers the EU’s R&I landscape in a global perspective, including: (i) current and future global challenges; (ii) new research needs and opportunities; and (iii) how Horizon Europe could potentially address these new research needs and opportunities. The analysis also includes a large public consultation with respondents representing a broad range of stakeholders. The analysis confirmed the need for Horizon Europe to continue focusing on the current EU priorities in the 2025-2027 period: in particular: (i) the green transition; (ii) the digital transition; and (iii) building a more resilient, competitive, inclusive and democratic Europe.

To ensure a sound foundation for investment in R&I, the Commission drafted the strategic plan using a co-design approach engaging a broad number of stakeholders. These stakeholders worked together to set common priorities to strengthen Europe’s knowledge base through frontier research, breakthrough innovation, and the development and implementation of innovative solutions to achieve Europe’s priorities. To fully harness their expertise, stakeholders will also be involved in the preparation of Horizon Europe work programmes.

The strategic plan is also a communication tool reaching beyond the research community. It provides an overview of the main EU priorities for R&I, and invites a broad audience involved in – or interested in – the European R&I agenda to identify funding opportunities: from policy makers and private investors to potential applicants and the general public.

Stakeholders in Member States and Associated Countries can use this strategic plan as guidance to: (i) align their research strategies with the EU priorities; and (ii) exploit synergies with other EU programmes and with national research activities and schemes. This will improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the global R&I funding system and help to make the most of private and public investment.

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8 APRIL 2024
Horizon Europe strategic plan 2025-2027