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News blog3 May 20231 min read

NEDO Demonstration project on Smart Grid in Slovenia

NEDO Demonstration project on Smart Grid in Slovenia

Nowadays, system operators are confronted with various challenges. With the integration of the renewable energy sources (RES) into the electric grid, novel and different market players are appearing. This demands drastical transformations within the electric grid. With the implementation of RES and its integration into the existing electric grid, the enormous amounts of electric energy are sent into the grid, which are very volatile due to unstable weather conditions, distinct operating time of users’ energy devices and different energy capacities of appliances for RES deployment. Part of the consumers are also becoming prosumers.

To face these novel challenges, NEDO (Japanese New Energy and Industrial Technology Organisation), ELES (Slovenian Electric System Operator) and their partners have started a three-year national demonstration project in Slovenia, with the main goal of demonstrating the implementation of smart grid at national level. Within the project are included: the electrical storage systems, advanced management systems (DMS), advanced tools for optimisation of electricity consumption in local communities and households (EMS-energy management system), a platform for the inclusion of consumption in system services and participation of the private energy consumers to peak shaving.

The project, named MOVE THE CONSUMPTION (PREMAKNI PORABO) was also peak shaving of the electricity at the households and small businesses in the Spodnje Podravje region with cooperation of the Local Energy Agency Spodnje Podravje.

The local energy agency thus designed and upgraded an electric grid to operate for transferring electric energy from producers to consumers. System operators maintained the reliability, stability and efficiency of the grid and managed that the production of electric energy on the one side satisfied the consumption on the other side.

Within the project, more than 830 customers were involved: 704 households and 126 small businesses were included and equipped with smart meters, which represented 12 % of all customers. 100 customers were equipped with the advanced management systems (DMS) and the remaining switched off the electrical appliances manually

During one year period, the 50 critical tariffs (duration of 1 hour) and 21 hours of the system activation were activated. The highest peak shaving with 34 % savings was achieved (300 kW).



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Publication date
3 May 2023