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News article25 January 2024European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency2 min read

ManagEnergy Master Class: new edition on Financial Instruments

The Master Class on the development and use of financial instruments will be back in April 2024 for 3 days of intense training delivered in a blended learning format. Energy agencies and public authorities are welcome to apply by 16 February.

ManagEnergy Master Class - Call 4


ManagEnergy Master Classes aim to equip Energy Agencies and Regional and Local Authorities across Europe with the skills and knowledge to foster, stimulate and develop sustainable energy projects in Europe. Designed to build the capacity, expertise and knowledge of energy agencies' staff, these Master Classes also present opportunities for networking with peers.

The ManagEnergy Master Class on Financial Instruments will be back in April 2024 for 3 days of intense training delivered in a blended learning format:

  • A first online session will take place on 4 April morning;
  • The second session is face-to-face in Brussels on 17-18 April (one and a half day);
  • The third and final session will be online on 30 April.

The format of the classes includes problem-solving exercises, workshops, case studies and guest lectures from agencies and organisations relevant to energy investments. 

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Module content and objectives

The aim of this module is to develop the core skills and competences of Energy Agencies to utilise a variety of financial mechanisms, models and instruments to implement sustainable energy projects. Special focus will be given to financial mechanisms for three types of projects:

  1. Modernisation of street lighting (Smart-EPC model);
  2. Deep retrofit of public and residential buildings (PPP and various EPC models);
  3. Building integrated and stand alone PV systems and other renewable energy technologies (PPA model).

The programme will provide an overview of financial mechanisms and instruments, with emphasis on types of support which Energy Agencies can provide to enable projects to be progressed from concept through to implementation.  Financing tools and solutions will be introduced and case studies provided of successful applications of funding models in regions across Europe. The module will draw on experiences and knowledge from a range of relevant and successful EU Initiatives and Projects.

The module will focus on projects with investment levels in the region of €10-30 M, as these fit very well within current available PDA schemes (LIFE PDA calls as well as ELENA facility).

This Master Class will be delivered by experts from the North-West Croatia Regional Energy and Climate Agency (REGEA), supported by guest speakers.


The module was already successfully organised in October 2023. Check out the video below and our summary report to get a sneak peak of the Class!



Financial support available

Financial support (up to a maximum of €550) is provided to participants for travel and accommodation costs.  Participants who complete the Master Classes will receive a Digital Badge attesting their participation. 

Interested to apply? Fill in our application form now to secure your spot! Deadline is 16 February 2024.

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