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News article6 June 2024European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency1 min read

Expert Mission #7: Empowering Innovation in the South Moravian Region

In May 2024, Miljenko Sedlar from REGEA led a ManagEnergy Expert Mission at the JINAG agency in the South Moravian region, sharing insights on governance, climate action, and sustainable development.

ManagEnergy Expert Mission 7 - Miljenko Sedlar at JINAG

From May 13-15, 2024, the South Moravian region of the Czech Republic hosted the 7th ManagEnergy Expert Mission led by Miljenko Sedlar from the North-West Croatia Regional Energy and Climate Agency (REGEA). The mission aimed to empower JINAG, an agency established to facilitate innovation in public administration, particularly in climate change mitigation and adaptation. 

“JINAG is an agency driven by innovation, and that innovation should be embedded into the processes of the local and regional governance of the South Moravian Region!” 

Miljenko Sedlar, REGEA

Over three days, key stakeholders, including representatives from the regional and local governments, academia, and the business sector, participated in presentations, discussions, and brainstorming sessions. The focus areas included developing a business and governance model for JINAG, systemic planning of mitigation and adaptation actions, setting up One-Stop Shops for building refurbishment projects, and integrating climate proofing within the development cycle of projects.

On the first day, the mission emphasized exchanging best practices for business and governance models with JINAG founders from regional governance. The second day delved into concrete projects and climate action plan development, integrating best practices from REGEA. On the final day, stakeholders participated in the Possible Landscapes Session in Kyjov, a co-creation and co-development workshop organized within the framework of the PLUS Change project. This workshop focused on sustainable transition strategies for a brownfield area, allowing participants to test and apply the processes and actions discussed during the previous days.

ManagEnergy Expert Mission 7 - Miljenko Sedlar at JINAG

"The Expert Mission was a very useful opportunity for our organization. It is great that ManagEnergy supports the sharing of knowledge in this way."

Jan Bárta, Leader of the energy team at JINAG

This collaboration underscores the importance of innovative approaches and shared expertise in driving sustainable solutions for regional development. By incorporating insights from the mission, JINAG is well-equipped to lead climate action and energy efficiency efforts in the South Moravian region.

ManagEnergy Expert Mission 7 - Miljenko Sedlar at JINAG

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