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News blog18 April 2023

Zlin Energy agency successfully implementing SEAP [CZ]

 Zlin Energy agency successfully implementing SEAP [CZ]

The Zlín Region Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP) for the period 2015-2019 was elaborated within the COOPENERGY project and started to be implemented right after its approval by the Council of the Zlín Region in June 2015 with the Energy Agency of the Zlín Region (EAZK) as the coordinating body of the implementation process. The main focus of the regional SEAP is increasing the safety and reliability of energy supply in the Zlín Region and increasing the energy efficiency and renewable energy sources development in the whole area of the Zlín Region which counts for nearly 600.000 inhabitants.

Initiation, coordination and implementation of 440 energy efficiency investments projects of 121 million EUR belong to the outstanding results of regional SEAP implementation by EAZK. The annual savings for the Zlín Region are more than 109 MWh of heat, 18.400 tons of CO2 emissions and 6.5 million EUR for fuel costs. Other remarkable achievements are the organisation of 194 seminars, workshops and conferences for more than 4.650 participants, or the initiation and coordination of bulk energy purchase for Zlín Region organisations, providing them with energy cost savings of 5.1 million EUR.





Publication date
18 April 2023