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News blog31 May 2023

YmpyräKS: Towards Sustainable and Circular Business

YmpyräKS: Towards Sustainable and Circular Business

In recent years, the awareness of customers has increased, and simultaneously new opportunities for SMEs to make their business even more sustainable are available. Sustainability, circular economy, carbon neutrality, compensations, zero emissions – all these require business to critically evaluate and improve their operations. To support SMEs in their transition, the Regional Council of Central Finland, together with the City of Jyväskylä, the Chamber of Commerce in Central Finland and Entrepreneurs in Central Finland have created a platform for business about mutual learning in sustainability.

            "This peer learning enables SMEs to find the most effective means for sustainability in their business."

             Central Finland Regional Council

YmpyräKS – environmental sustainability for business in Central Finland is open for all business to discuss their achievements and challenges in environmental sustainability. The core of the work are Friday morning coffee sessions online, where companies can share their experience with the attendees. Seminars arranged under the umbrella of YmpyräKS have specific themes, that is covered more in depth with several expert key-note lectures.

This peer learning enables SMEs to find the most effective means for sustainability in their business. For SMEs, this external support is required since in majority, they lack the knowledge on environmental sustainability.

Until now, we have learnt in these monthly Friday mornings coffee sessions about solar energy, outdoor lightning, energy efficiency, sustainable tourism etc. In each session, we gather 20-60 attendees, mainly from SMEs. Network brings together currently almost 200 people from business and business support organisations.

In 2022 YmpyrkäKS will develop their operation by the support of the Ministry of Environment, with the further focus on enabling SMEs transition in environmental sustainability. The focus is to expand the network, to develop new activities together with SMEs and to include SMEs also from rural areas.


Publication date
31 May 2023