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News blog8 May 2023

Security of Supply through Energy Transition

 Security of Supply through Energy Transition

Climate change entails increased electrification in society, industry and in the transportation sector. The electricity production in Sweden is almost completely fossil-free. As the electricity demand in Sweden is expected to double by 2045, an increase in production will be needed, as well as a great expansion of electricity grids and tools for storage and control.

As a regional energy agency, we have built competence in the energy and electricity supply areas over the years. We can proudly state that as a result of our pre-study, the Regional County of Blekinge has initiated a collaboration to ensure a robust electricity supply in the county.

Electricity supply in Blekinge county

The electrical grid in Blekinge county is integrated with the rest of the Swedish grid but is also connected to the grid of surrounding countries. The county needs to import almost 70% of the required electricity, which means high dependence on external electricity production.

The purpose of the pre-study was to map the current situation in the county and connect it to; the growth forecasts, the expansion and electrification of the industry and plans for the charging infrastructure and digitalisation.

The goal was to increase the knowledge about electricity and the awareness about potential grid bottlenecks in the region. We also gathered all relevant actors to help us identify problems and discuss how to work proactively with preventive measures. To do this we interviewed actors working with the electricity supply in the county and studied possible forms of collaboration between these actors.


To maintain a robust electricity system, more actors need to assess future needs in organised form. Public actors in the county also need improvements in competence on matters related to electricity.

Beyond providing renewable energy, an expansion of the county’s electricity production will also create jobs and increase the level of skills. Wind power (on- and offshore) has the greatest potential for rapidly producing more electricity. There is also a need for more plannable electricity production and possibilities to store electricity.

Following our recommendations, Blekinge county and its municipalities have created a working group tasked with planning and leading further work to ensure a robust electricity supply.


Publication date
8 May 2023