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News blog18 April 2023

Promoting Energy Services in the basque country [ES]

Promoting Energy Services in the basque country [ES]

"At EVE, we see energy service contracts as a useful tool for promoting investment in efficiency and renewables and we will continue working to provide advice and support to any public authorities wishing to develop such contracts."

Since 2011, EVE has been promoting energy service contracts as a useful tool for financing energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. This has mainly involved advising Basque public authorities on how to develop energy service projects. Highlights include performing energy audits on facilities that have been contracted out, drafting documents for the bidding process (particularly technical and administrative specifications), providing advice on assessing tenders, and giving support in drafting the final contract. Each year we have made specific non-refundable grants available for the investments covered by the contracts.

To date, over 60 energy audits have been performed on more than 1,000 public buildings and 100,000 public lighting points, and more than 25 energy service contracts have been signed. Over €15m have been invested in energy efficiency and renewable sources, leading to energy savings of over 4,000 toe. Over €2m of investment aid have been awarded.

Leading projects include complete replacement of public lighting systems with LEDs in the towns of Orozko, Bakio, Leioa, Bermeo, Ortuella, Etxebarri and Ormaiztegi (with a combined population of over 75,000 inhabitants) and the introduction of renewable energy sources such as biomass at Gorliz Public Hospital and solar photovoltaic in public sports complexes in San Sebastian.




Photo credit: EVE


Publication date
18 April 2023