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News blog18 April 2023

Photovoltaic-League Lower Austria [AT]

 Photovoltaic-League Lower Austria [AT]

The Lower Austrian Photovoltaic-League awards a prize to communities that have the annual highest growth in photovoltaic (PV) capacity. The competition takes place once a year and even small communities have the chance to win the trophy. In order to balance the opportunities between small and large communities, the criterion to rank nominees is the annual increase in installed PV capacity per capita. The champions of each district take part in an award ceremony where they receive their trophies. The district champion with the highest increase in PV capacity per capita is declared state champion. The requirement for a comprehensive dataset is the cooperation with power utilities that report the installed PV capacity in their power grids once a year.

The communities have the chance to benefit from dissemination activities like regional press releases and online activities. In 2017 the Lower Austrian Photovoltaics-League was awarded for the sixth time.

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Publication date
18 April 2023