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News blog18 April 2023

Paving the road of sustainable energy in the Alba County [RO]

Paving the road of sustainable energy in the Alba County [RO]

The Alba Local Energy Agency, ALEA, strongly promoted the Covenant for Mayors initiative (CoM) launched in 2008, identified as a great opportunity for local authorities to have coherence in their sustainable energy planning.

14 Local authorities started working on elaborating and implementing their Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs) until now, three out of these having registered significant results and already having a monitoring report. Moreover, three local authorities assumed the new form of CoM and have started the elaboration of a Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan (SECAP).

For the near future the main priority will be the transformation of actual SEAPs in correspondent SECAPs and consequently the development of the first adaptation plans. The main issues for local jurisdictions have started to be addressed: lack of access to reliable energy database, low level of knowledge/skills of staff in the energy domain, lack of necessary funds for implementing SEAP actions.

ANERGO – the first Romanian regional energy observatory was set up within ALEA in order to help Alba CoM signatories to have access to a reliable and consistent energy database.
Also, ANERGO represents a training platform for creating the necessary skills of assigned staff of CoM signatories.




Publication date
18 April 2023