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News blog3 May 2023

Motivating SMEs to be more efficient and use RES

Motivating SMEs to be more efficient and use RES

The need for adaptation to climate change and significant economy growth in Medjimurje region led to the necessity to reach out to the industry and SME sector and give them guidance on the future requirements and possibilities to reduce their energy use and CO2 emissions. This is the reason why, throughout the year 2020, Medjimurje Energy Agency Ltd. (MENEA) has been implementing a project oriented towards the private sector (SMEs). Our goal is to raise awareness and capacity of entrepreneurs in Medjimurje County to enhance energy efficiency and the use of renewable energies in their businesses.

To achieve this goal, several workshops were organised, covering circular economy, green public procurement and decrease of CO2 emissions through optimisation of production and business processes. The EU and national legislation have also been a theme that was brought to the SMEs’ attention. In this regard, special focus has been given to the European Green Deal and the new EU Climate Law, which bring new demands in energy and CO2 savings but also new financing possibilities.

Since the economy sector was hardly hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, the Croatian government took several measures to decrease the impact of the crisis on SMEs. For entrepreneurs, this was also an interesting topic to hear about since it is interlinked with the need to decrease busines costs.

Three more workshops are planned to be implemented in 2021. They will deal with possibilities to install Renewable Energy Sources (RES) systems in their buildings or around them; funding possibilities to implement measures related to enhancing energy efficiency and installation of RES systems; and new alternative financing models. Entrepreneurs will be guided step-by-step through the process of identification of needs, definition of technical possibilities and finally, finding adequate financing options.

Three additional tools will be developed, published and sent to all of the interested target groups:

  • Tool for facilitation of implementation of circular economy principles in SMEs;
  • Tool for facilitation of implementation of green (public) procurement in SMEs;
  • Step-by-step guide for development and installation of power plants using renewable energy sources

The final activity of this initiative will consist in connecting SMEs from region for a better exchange of their ideas, problems and best practice examples, but also to start cooperating towards more sustainable business operation and implementation of circular economy principles. The project is still ongoing and is planned to be implemented until at least mid-2021.








Publication date
3 May 2023