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News article20 September 2018

Master Class Module 2: mobilising banks and private investment

The 1st Master Class on Module 2 has started: 23 participants gathered in Brussels to learn...

Master Class Module 2: mobilising banks and private investment

Within the energy sector, there is often a lack of common ground between technicians and financiers. This is primarily due to the lack of a shared background and vocabulary. Project developers typically have the technical knowledge but are not aware of the issues, opportunities and challenges involved in financing energy projects.


In response to this situation, the aim of the second module of ManagEnergy Master Classes is to increase the knowledge of participants in order to engage them in a meaningful and successful manner with relevant stakeholders from the financial sector. On completion of this module, the learner will be able to explain the main vocabulary and concepts related to corporate finance.

The 3 trainers: Seamus Hoyne (Limerick Institute of Technology - IE), Dr. Ursula Walther (HWR - Berlin School of Economics and Law - DE) and Christoph Sappa (Berlin Energy Agency - DE) are focusing on the fundamentals of financial accounting and the role that the energy agency should play when working with private investors and other actors from the finance sector.


Through lessons and group exercises, participants will learn how to read and understand financial statements (balance sheets, profit and loss accounts and cash-flow statements), to understand the essentials and the necessity of financial intermediation, and to develop arguments to secure financing under different scenarios.


Interested in Joining our Master Classes? Check out the planning of sessions and all practical information here.


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Publication date
20 September 2018