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News blog6 June 20232 min read

Zagreb’s smart energy solutions for citizens

The city of Zagreb worked with REGEA to develop a number of energy-related IT tools for citizens, including a solar PV potential tool.

Zagreb’s smart energy solutions for citizens
Manny Becerra via Unsplash

In 2022, the City of Zagreb together with REGEA has developed a number of energy-related IT tools aimed at citizens, including:

  1. Solar PV Potential tool, which enables the calculation of relevant parameters for installation of PV systems on buildings;
  2. Zagreb Energy Atlas, which includes data on energy consumption for all buildings (public, residential, commercial) in the City of Zagreb and affords citizens the visualisation and analysis of aggregated data;
  3. Public Building Renovation Monitor, which presents relevant data and photo documentation regarding the renovation of public buildings in the City of Zagreb.

The tools are available online at the Zagreb Energy Info Center.

Solar PV Potential tool

The main goal of the Solar PV Potential tool is to support citizens investing in PV systems on their own buildings. The tool provides all relevant data for a preliminary feasibility estimation. Every residential building (both multi-apartment and family houses) located within the City of Zagreb can be selected directly by clicking on the city map or by searching its address. The tool then automatically calculates the available roof area, inclination, orientation, and finally the total insolation, taking into account also the shadowing from nearby buildings, chimneys, and other built structures. 

The calculation is based on a detailed 3D building model of the City of Zagreb. However, it has been developed to become highly user-friendly and requires a minimum amount of input from the user. Citizens merely have to type in their electricity consumption on a monthly or yearly basis and select the proper electricity tariff. Afterward, the tool calculates the optimal PV system capacity. Main financial parameters are also presented, including monthly and yearly savings, total investment costs, and a simple payback period.

Solar PV Potential tool


The Solar PV Potential tool was launched in July 2022 and is currently undergoing an extensive revision and upgrade, which will allow citizens to calculate PV parameters in case of the replacement of natural gas with electricity as a source of heating. The tool will also automatically generate the documentation necessary to obtain the permits necessary for the PV installation from the electricity distribution company, which will considerably speed up the process and reduce preparation costs for citizens. The upgrade is planned to be launched in January 2023.


Publication date
6 June 2023