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News blog3 May 20231 min read

West-Liguria Port Authority Environmental Energy Plan

West-Liguria Port Authority Environmental Energy Plan

IRE has supported the West-Liguria Port Authority in the drafting and development of its Environmental Energy Plan (PEAP), in compliance with the national Legislation.

The West-Liguria Port Authority brings together the Ports of Genoa, Voltri-Pra’ and Savona-Vado Ligure, representing the most important Port Hub in Italy. It is a complex entity, with a multitude of interacting activities related to the industrial, civil and transport sectors and having a considerable impact on energy and the environment. In compliance with the guidelines of Decree n. 408 of 17 December 2018, IRE had developed a large and comprehensive document including:

  • a deep analysis of the State of Art, describing all port areas in terms of morphology, functions, institution and program.;
  • the Carbon Footprint (2016) of the Port Hub, elaborated on the basis of a “bottom-up” approach and including all vehicles, buildings as well as other structures and plants, the main port terminals and all the small commercial and passenger boats;
  • an Overall Strategy, with the goal of achieving the Port Authority’s objectives in terms of energy and environmental sustainability, with a specific focus on the reduction of CO2 emissions. These strategic guidelines aim to implement the Green Port of the Future: one that is sustainable, resilient and low emissions, and that is placing its competitiveness and growth objectives within a framework of social responsibility and improvement of the quality of life, both within the Port Areas and in the surrounding urban communities;
  • individual projects and measures to be implemented to reach the Port Authority’s environmental objectives. The identified actions are aimed at enabling an adequate use of alternative energy fuels (Cold Ironing, Liquified Natural Gas), improving the energy efficiency of buildings, vehicles, plants and processes, increasing the use of renewable energy sources and promoting the use of the best and most recent digital technologies, always striving for innovatation (e.g. hydrogen);
  • a preliminary Technical and Economical Feasibility Study for all the individual actions envisaged in the Plan, also through a costbenefits analysis.


E-Mail: energiaatireliguria [dot] it (energia[at]ireliguria[dot]it)





Publication date
3 May 2023