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News article29 January 2024European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency2 min read

Unveiling the Map of Local and Regional Energy Agencies

Explore the new map featuring 300+ local and regional energy agencies in the EU. A user-friendly platform for stakeholders to engage with and support sustainable energy initiatives.

Map Energy agencies

ManagEnergy proudly presents its interactive map! Showcasing over 300 local and regional energy agencies, with a combined workforce of 3,800 spread across the European Union. This innovative tool offers a unique and comprehensive insight into the diverse entities shaping the continent's energy transition. 

What Are Energy Agencies

Energy agencies are organisations dedicated to promoting the energy transition within a specific territory (e.g. a city or region) with a public mandate and governance. They are knowledge centers for sustainable energy. Their main activity is facilitating clean energy investments.

Why Local and Regional Energy Agencies Matter

Local and regional energy agencies play a pivotal role in pushing the energy transition, bridging the gap between European policies and effective implementation at the grassroots level.

With their intimate understanding of regional specifics, they are ideally positioned to propose integrated mitigation/adaptation solutions, aligning closely with the evolving energy efficiency and savings ambitions across the European Union. They leverage regional expertise, foster collaboration, and drive innovative solutions, making them crucial drivers for achieving sustainable energy goals.

The revised European Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) acknowledges local and regional energy agencies as pivotal stakeholders, emphasizing their crucial role in supporting regional and local authorities in implementing energy efficiency measures through long-term planning and the establishment of renovation one-stop-shops.

An Interactive Map

The map serves as a dynamic tool for more than 300 energy agencies to enhance their visibility and promote collaboration. Moreover, the interactive features of the map make it user-friendly, allowing stakeholders, policymakers, and the public to explore, engage, and appreciate the valuable work undertaken by these agencies. 

Find Your Agency

Search by Country: Dive into the specific energy landscape of each EU country, exploring the agencies dedicated to sustainable energy initiatives in their respective territories. 

Working Area Filters: Gain a nuanced understanding of the agencies' reach by filtering them based on their level of operation—whether at the local, or regional level. 

Foundation Date Insights: Explore the temporal evolution of these agencies, organized by the decade of their establishment, offering a historical perspective on their commitment to sustainable energy. 

Team Size Analytics: Delve into the scale and impact of each agency by assessing their team size, providing valuable insights into their operational capacities. 

Connect with Us

Is your energy agency missing from the map? Reach out to us at infoatmanagenergy [dot] eu (info[at]managenergy[dot]eu) to ensure your organization becomes part of this dynamic visual representation, gaining enhanced recognition within the EU energy landscape. 

Embark on a journey of discovery as we celebrate the impactful role of local and regional energy agencies, collectively steering Europe towards a sustainable energy future.

Explore the map today  and be a part of the energy transition revolution!