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News blog8 December 2023European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency2 min read

Unveiling Green Initiatives: Uroš Rozman Shares Insights on Sustainability

In the latest episode of the Remarkable Climate Leaders Podcast, meet Uroš Rozman, CEO of Slovenia's oldest development agency. At 30, Uroš shares insights into his journey and vision for the region toward sustainable leadership.

Uroš Rozman - Remarkable Climate Leaders Podcast

The second episode of the Remarkable Climate Leaders Podcast is now available on all platforms. Meet Uroš Rozman, the youngest CEO of Slovenia's oldest development agency. At just 30 years old, Uroš is leading transformative initiatives in areas like e-mobility and regional business incubation. 

The podcast delves into Uroš's vision for the region and the country, emphasizing the importance of aligning with the European Union's proposals. He highlights key topics such as smart cities, circular economy, digitalization, and e/mobility, all aimed at positioning the region as a leader in sustainable development. 

Innovative Projects

One standout project discussed is the Regional Center for Mobility, a new initiative promoting green mobility across the region. Uroš explains the multifaceted approach, incorporating buses, trams, cycling, and walking, to connect all municipalities and foster innovative ideas. 

“(…) the idea is to implement green mobility in any part of the region. So, if we are talking about buses, if we are talking about trams, if we are talking about cycling, or walking, we will get a promotion of that kind of mobility.” Uroš Rozman (8:10) 

Uroš also shares insights into the agency's innovative projects, including a regional incubator for young small companies. This unique initiative involves employing individuals within the agency for four months, providing support to establish partnerships and ultimately launch their own businesses. The focus extends to sustainable companies working on digitalization and circular economy, contributing to the region's thematic goals. 

Uroš's Vision for the Region

Collaboration and connection emerge as key elements in Uroš's leadership approach. Drawing from his experience in the Koroška region, where municipalities worked together successfully, Uroš emphasizes the strength that comes from a united front. The vision is to create a connected region with shared goals, particularly in areas like tourism, where borders should not limit collaboration. 

The Regional Development Agency of Podravje aims to be a pilot region, learning from other European regions and gradually implementing new technologies and innovative thinking. 

Challenges, such as mobility and varying levels of interest from different mayors, are acknowledged by Uroš. He believes in the power of setting a good example, showcasing successful projects, and bringing mayors on board through exposure to best practices from other regions. 

A Climate Leader Perspective

In response to the question of what being a climate leader means to him, Uroš emphasizes the importance of setting good examples. He believes that by thinking ahead and showcasing successful initiatives, others will gradually adopt similar practices, creating a positive ripple effect. 

“I think we have to show the good examples. I started with my employees. I am as example myself. I think they have to be the example for other companies for other municipalities.(…)  if we think maybe 10 years ahead of everybody else, then they will slowly come together and see in the few years maybe the same as we are now, but in five years, we will be 10 years ahead again” Uroš Rozman (11:23) 

To explore more stories of individuals making a positive impact in Europe's climate transition, tune in to the Remarkable Climate Leaders Podcast

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