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News blog10 April 2024European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency2 min read

Transforming Regions: The outstanding journey of Ricardo Gonzalez Mantero in Spain

In this episode of the Remarkable Climate Leaders Podcast, meet Ricardo Gonzalez Mantero! The Head of External Relations at the Castilla y León Regional Energy Agency, Ricardo is a leader in promoting energy efficiency and renewable energy sources.


Season 2 of the Remarkable Climate Leaders Podcast has embarked on a journey across Europe, uncovering the stories of extraordinary individuals driving climate action. In this episode, we shine a spotlight on Ricardo Gonzalez Mantero, Head of External Relations at the Castilla y León Regional Energy Agency. With over 25 years of experience in public administration, Ricardo's leadership has been pivotal in making Castilla y León a pioneer of renewable energy in Spain. 

The journey and its challenges 

Ricardo's journey is one of dedication and passion for promoting energy efficiency and renewable sources. Having started his career at his hometown agency in 1997, he has witnessed and contributed to its growth from its beginning to its current status as a beacon of green innovation. As head of the External Relations Department for 14 years now, Ricardo has been instrumental in forging connections, both within Spain and across Europe, to drive the green transition forward. 

Castilla y León's transformation from a stronghold of fossil fuels to a leader in renewables is a testament to Ricardo's vision and the collaborative efforts of his team. With over 6,600 MW of wind power installed and significant advancements in other renewable sources, the region stands at the forefront of Spain's renewable wave. However, as Ricardo points out, challenges remain, particularly in the areas of interconnection and storage capacity. 

Team efforts

Despite the great achievements, Ricardo remains modest, attributing the success not to himself but to the collective efforts of the agency. For him, climate leadership is a team endeavour, where collaboration and shared goals drive progress. Through European projects, partnerships with local authorities and the private sector, the agency continues to learn and share best practices, further propelling the region's green agenda. 

Looking ahead, Ricardo sees endless possibilities for growth and innovation. Whether it's expanding renewable infrastructure, promoting energy savings in buildings and transport, or advocating for climate-conscious policies, the agency remains committed to pushing boundaries and achieving more. 

While awareness about energy certificates might be lacking in some European countries, the Spanish agency is striving to change that by emphasizing their importance in saving both energy and money. Their latest innovation—a mobile app—allows users to conveniently access information about the energy certificates of buildings in their vicinity, empowering individuals in their decisions to rent or purchase properties. This app covers the entire region of Castilla y León, providing a comprehensive view of energy efficiency efforts across communities. 


As we reflect on Ricardo's journey, it becomes clear that true climate leadership extends beyond individuals—it is about empowering teams and communities to drive change. The story of Castilla y León serves as inspiration for regions worldwide, showcasing the transformative power of collective action in tackling climate change. 

Join us on The Remarkable Climate Leaders Podcast as we continue to uncover the stories of individuals like Ricardo Gonzalez Mantero, whose dedication and determination are shaping a more sustainable future for everyone! 

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