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News blog19 April 20232 min read

SODEBUR: Integral Renovation of Provincial Street lighting Project

SODEBUR: Integral Renovation of Provincial Street lighting Project

The Society for the Development of the Province of Burgos (SODEBUR) works to promote social and economic development in the rural areas of this Spanish province. SODEBUR is a public company with 100% funding from the Provincial Government.

The organization is structured in four main areas: Investments and Industrial Engineering, Economic and Social Promotion, Institutional Cooperation and Image and Tourism.

  • Investments and Industrial Engineering. This department supports to the Provincial Government and all its Town Halls in the development of its installations and industrial projects.
  • Economical and Social Promotion. It is in charge of the planning and strategic development of the economy and social activities in the province.

In the period of 2015-2020, during the year 2015 SODEBUR developed the new strategic plan for the province. The plan contains different actions to be implemented from 2015 to 2020 in order to improve the quality of life of its citizens. There are 25 projects divided into five main axes: image and tourism, economic environment, connectivity, human capital and quality of life.

One of these projects promotes the development of a sustainable territory and the reduction of energy consumption. Within this programme, SODEBUR developed an ambitious project called “Integral Renovation of Provincial Street lighting Project” (PRIAP).

PRIAP changed the street lighting into a LED system in 179 municipalities in the Burgos province, reaching 592 small villages.

PRIAP had a duration of 48 months, ending in October 2019 with a budget of 14.120.776,86 €  (50% by the provincial corporation, and 50% by municipalities).

The project consisted of three phases:

  1. Feasibility studies and projects for the integral renovation of street lighting. During this phase, municipalities signed their commitment to the project. 257 municipalities from 359 municipalities in Burgos added to PRIAP project. It was redacted feasibility studies and projects for the integral renovation of street lighting for these 257 municipalities according to laws and regulations in force.
  1. Public call for subsidies to municipalities aimed to performance of street lighting renovations. SODEBUR prepared a call for subsidy bases where 50% of the action is granted. The only condition is that actuation must be done according to the project PRIAP provided.
  1. Work execution. Municipalities are in charge to contract the actuation but SODEBUR is in charge of construction management.

The main goals reached were:

  • Reduction of energy consumption the approximately 82 millions of kWh during the ten years expected for the life of the LED technology, and 25 M kg CO2 reduced during the same 10 years.
  • Replacement of 43.576 luminaries to  LED technology
  • 2 million Euros of saving during the first year.


Publication date
19 April 2023