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News blog8 May 20231 min read

Self-consumption Observatory in Catalonia

Self-consumption Observatory in Catalonia

From 2019 to the present, the PV self-consumption sector in Catalonia has grown very significantly, because of the significant reduction in costs of PV installations and the approval of a more favourable regulation for this technology.

ICAEN carries out a detailed follow-up of the evolution of this sector in Catalonia through the self-consumption Observatory.

The data from the Observatory are accessible from ICAEN’s website and are grouped in different ways in order to analyse the evolution of the number of installations from different viewpoints:

  • Temporary evolution of PV self-consumption in Catalonia: new annual and quarterly installations.
  • Temporary evolution of shared PV selfconsumption in Catalonia: new annual and quarterly installations.
  • Distribution of the number of installations and the power of PV self-consumption in Catalonia, according to the power range.
  • Municipalities and regions with the most selfconsumption PV, by number of installations and power installed.
  • Territorial distribution of the number of installations and power installed of PV selfconsumption in Catalonia.
  • Location on an interactive map of PV selfconsumption installations in Catalonia.

The Observatory also prepares a quarterly report on the evolution of PV self-consumption in Catalonia.

According to the data of the last report in June 2021, in Catalonia there were 13,296 PV self-consumption installations in service, distributed throughout the territory, with a total installed capacity of 122,53 MW.

The report shows that each quarter, more installations are deployed in comparison with the previous quarter. This fact is very significant from the first quarter of 2019, with an average quarterly increase of 41.7% until the second quarter of 2021. In the first two quarters of 2021, 5,071 new installations were deployed, with a total capacity of 37,11 MW.

The report also shows the trend of smaller and smaller PV self-consumption installations, showing a greater weight of domestic self-consumption installation.

The Observatory is a very useful and freely accessible tool that allows to see in detail the evolution of self-consumption in Catalonia and allows to monitor the number of facilities and the new power installed each quarter and evaluate meeting the objectives in this area.


Publication date
8 May 2023