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News blog27 November 20231 min read

Seamus Hoyne Paving the Way for Climate Neutrality in Remarkable Climate Leaders Podcast Debut

Remarkable Climate Leaders Podcast has officially launched. Don't miss the inaugural episode featuring Seamus Hoyne, available now on all platforms. Explore the challenges and solutions in achieving climate neutrality before 2050.

Seamus Hoyne for Remarkable Podcast

In the pilot episode of the Remarkable Climate Leaders Podcast, Seamus Hoyne, a pivotal figure in climate leadership, delves into the challenges and solutions paving the way for climate neutrality before 2050. The episode showcases the urgent need for accelerated climate action, with Hoyne emphasizing, "Climate neutrality is our next challenge". He navigates through the ambitious goals set by the European Green Deal, urging leaders to “step up and provide the necessary leadership to achieve these targets”. 

The core mission of Remarkable is to focus on supporting municipalities, local authorities, and their leaders in developing roadmaps toward climate neutrality. Looking back, Seamus shares that the project emerged from a gap within support programmes by local authorities, municipalities, and regional authorities for people in leading positions, which Remarkable Climate Leaders aimed to tackle.  Seamus underlines the importance of shifting the conversation from mere energy efficiency to a comprehensive discussion about carbon, offering training programs and roadmaps to empower leaders in making informed decisions. 

The podcast reveals the significance of distributed leadership in driving change

 "The climate leader has to bring the finance people to the table, the communications people, climate adaptation, and also the people who don't believe in the climate change agenda." 

Seamus Hoyne, Remarkable Climate Leaders Podcast (06:32)

Seamus recalls an exemplary community leader who, through distributed leadership, transformed challenges like an aging population and depopulation, in rural Ireland, into opportunities for renewable energy projects, job creation, and economic development. 

The Remarkable Climate Leaders Podcast emerges as a beacon, unraveling the inspiring narratives of climate leaders, like Seamus Hoyne, who are making a tangible difference in their communities. As he aptly puts it "Today, we need everybody involved."

The series promises a journey across Europe, meeting unsung heroes, and uncovering the magic of grassroots leadership in the pursuit of a sustainable and climate-neutral future. 

Listen now

Tune in to the Remarkable Climate Leaders Podcast on Spotify to explore the remarkable world of climate leadership and stay tuned for the next episode


Publication date
27 November 2023