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News blog31 May 20231 min read

Energy sufficiency in the Ile-de-France Region

Energy sufficiency in the Ile-de-France Region

Following the organisation of a series of workshops on energy sufficiency since 2019, AREC Île-de-France, the energy and climate department of the Paris Region Institute, reinforced its commitment on this topic through several initiatives:

  • Organisation of the first regional conference on energy sufficiency in December 2021: this event allowed to present the activities of the working group engaged in the workshops organised since 2019. Indeed, workshops participants (experts, local authorities, enterprises, energy & environmental associations and AREC) developed an analysis of a fair, sustainable, desirable sufficiency for the region. Best practices and scenarios of sufficiency were presented by the national energy agency ADEME, AREC and energy agencies, but also universities, architects and sociologists who have highlighted the societal dimension of energy sufficiency.
  • Launching of a regional think tank called the Paris Region Sufficiency Factory: by bringing together AREC and local actors, the think tank aims at supporting local authorities and enterprises to initiate and implement energy sufficiency strategies. To that end, capacity building sessions targeted electing people will be developed.
  • Creation of the regional energy sufficiency observatory named La Coupole (the dome): the observatory will collect the regional, national, European and global initiatives and highlight the best practices on cartographies and in videos. An assessment will be carried out on the indicators of success, levers and barriers, pilot, cost, targets and specific objectives of such projects.
  • Launch of a study on the images related to energy sufficiency
    • To build images of energy sufficiency in the Ile-de-France region that make it appealing, based on the sociology and behaviour of individuals and organisations.
    • To formulate recommendations for a regional energy sufficiency approach that will enable Ile-de-France local authorities to get on board by examining the levers to be activated and the barriers to be removed and help local authorities commit to a long-term approach and build their own narrative.
  • Follow-up of an experimentation in a local authority after a call for expression of interest: the objective here is to test the assumptions and results of the study, and thus, the overall success of the sufficiency strategies


Publication date
31 May 2023