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Energy Performance Contracting - Streetlight Refurbishment [IE]

Energy Performance Contracting - Streetlight Refurbishment [IE]

In 2017, CKEA and the Kilkenny County Council embarked on an ambitious project to retrofit 1,300 street lights to LED across the city and county of Kilkenny, The Kilkenny Streetlight LED Retrofit Pilot Project. This project was initiated from the Intelligent Energy Europe Streetlight energy performance contracting (EPC) project.

As streetlighting is an important issue for most local authorities, it must meet a range of requirements, most importantlycontribute to road and social safety and allow for cost-efficient and low-maintenance option. For local authorities in Ireland, street lighting can account for 40-60% of the total electricity consumption and the saving potential is enormous – with current technologies, 50-70% of savings are possible.

In the framework of the Kilkenny Streetlight LED Retrofit Pilot Project, 63 projects were carried out or are in a very advanced stage of preparation (47 with EPC), resulting in an investment of € 29 million and annual savings of 28,000 MWh as well as €3.5 million in electricity and maintenance costs.

The project was completed in October 2017 and generated energy savings in excess of € 90,000 per annum for the local authority with a payback of 5 years. Nearly 80 % of all currently used street lighting lamps were “phased out” by 2017 so refurbishment will significantly increase energy efficiency and reduce electricity and maintenance costs with comparatively short pay-back times.

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18 April 2023