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News blog5 June 20232 min read

Energy Consulting in Lower Austria

To make sure househols and businesses are fully aware of all the intricacies of the current energy market, the Energy and Environment Agency of Lower Austria has set up a consulting service for citizens and municipalities.

Energy Consulting in Lower Austria
Photo by J. Kelly Brito on Unsplash

The massive increase in energy prices has led to a surge of awareness about energy use and demand. Households as well as businesses and local authorities are looking for energy savings and efficiency potential. A more efficient use of energy helps to reduce the demand for energy – a key ingredient for a successful “energy transition”. eNu (Energy and Environment Agency Lower Austria) is making a significant contribution to the establishment of efficient use of energy sourced from renewables.

What kind of energy sources will we use to cover our energy needs in the future? And how will we reduce energy consumption? To answer these questions, eNu offers an independent consultancy. On behalf of the Environmental and Energy Economics Department of the Lower Austrian State Government, since 2005, the agency has provided independent company- and product-neutral advice.

Energy Consulting Lower Austria is a service for citizens and municipalities who seek to focus on the efficiency of new and renovated buildings in the region. A network of about 100 consultants is available to provide assistance on all matters concerning the construction of new buildings, the thermal rehabilitation of existing buildings, heating systems, the use of renewable energy, and energy-savings in general.

The hotline +43 2742 22 144 serves as the first contact point and an on-site consultation can be arranged if required. A specific support is given to public buildings and low-income groups to reduce the effect of increasing energy prices for vulnerable groups. The consultancy participates in major building fairs in Lower Austria and Vienna, where it engages with stakeholders at information booths and events as well as during consultation days and offers numerous publications for free download.

Since its inception, the Energy Consulting Lower Austria has given advice to 250,000 households via telephone, email or personal consulting. The number of on-site energy consulting has increased from about 4,000 cases in 2020 to 9,000 cases in 2021. Moreover, about 25,000 energy consultations are expected to have been conducted by the end of 2022, due to high energy prices and new subsidies toward the installation of renewable heating systems in Austria. New tools like online-formats and electronic tools have been developed and successfully implemented to cope with the high demand. Through all these measures, energy consulting has become an important element of the energy transition in Lower Austria.


Publication date
5 June 2023